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Kristy defends her thesis on phytoplankton assembly

11-09-20: Congratulations to Kristy Sullivan for successfully defending her thesis: "Long-term and seasonal drivers of phytoplankton assembly in a subtropical monomictic lake." We are so proud of you!


FIU Next Horizon: Dedicated to Protecting the Everglades

FIU's Next Horizon Capital Campaign is dedicated to protecting the Everglades. Check out this video featuring Evelyn with the CEO of the Everglades Foundation, Eric Eikenberg.


Researching Algae, the Unsung Heroes of Aquatic Food Webs

Luca Marazzi discusses why algae is important, how he started researching algae, and what he plans to do next on the Wading Through Research blog.

Evelyn presents at TEDxFIU

Evelyn Gaiser presented "Lakes Write Music. Science listens." at the fifth TEDxFIU (November 16, 2016). Evelyn translated high-frequency lake data to music in order to better understand changes. "Lake Annie's Song" was created with data by Evelyn, arranged by Marcus Norris, and performed by Yaniv M. Cohen, Aryam Gonzalez, and Thomas Lopez (FIU School of Music) at TEDxFIU.

Everglades Under Attack 

Fusion's program "Everglades Under Attack" features Evelyn Gaiser, Viviana Mazzei, Nick Schulte, and Ben Wilson.

In Deep with Diatoms

The "In Deep with Diatoms" exhibit at FIU's Frost Art Museum featured paintings of diatoms by the Tropical Botanic Artists and diatom sculptures by Xavier Cortada. The artists worked closely with our lab to develop these pieces.

Evelyn meets POTUS 

Evelyn Gaiser met President Obama during his visit to Everglades National Park on Earth Day (April 22, 2015). Melissa Block interviewed Dr. Evelyn Gaiser for NPR's All Things Considered the day before President Obama's visit to Everglades National Park.

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