Gaiser Research Group

Water sustains our planet, yet the future of our freshwater resources is tenuous, given the pressures of wasteful water abuse and climate change. Our research is aimed at creating a more resilient future for our freshwater lakes and wetlands.

Goals of our research include identifying ways in which lakes and wetlands transform over long time periods. We have a particular focus on algae, especially diatoms, which produce 30% of the world’s oxygen, serve as indicators of ecosystem change, and are at the base of aquatic food webs.

We also hope to inspire the public by engaging in outreach activities to build an informed citizenry.

Evelyn presents at TEDxFIU

Evelyn Gaiser presented “Lakes Write Music. Science listens.” at the fifth TEDxFIU (November 16, 2016). Evelyn translated high-frequency lake data to music in order to better understand changes. “Lake Annie’s Song” was created with data by Evelyn, arranged by Marcus Norris, and performed…
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