Evelyn Gaiser

Evelyn E. Gaiser, Ph.D., CV, ORCID, Google Scholar
George M. Barley, Jr., Endowed Scholars Chair 

Institute of Environment
Distinguished University Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
School of Environment, Arts, & SocietyFlorida International University
11200 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33199 USA
Office: CASE 253                                          Lab: CASE 186B, 262
Office Tel. 305-348-6145                                 Lab Tel. 305-348-7286


Franco Tobias
Lab Manager
B.S. University of Alberta
Office: CASE 186B
Tel. 305-348-7286


Rafael Travieso
Lab Manager
B.S. Universidad de la Habana, Cuba
Office: CASE 186B
Tel. 305-348-7286


Gabriel Kamener
Information Manager
B.S. University of Florida
Office: CASE 262
Tel. 305-348-1592



Katie Johnson
Research Analyst
M.S. Georgia College

Meredith Emery

Paige Kleindl
Ph.D. Student
M.S. Grand Valley State University
Project: Interactions between macrophyte and microbial mat communities along environmental gradients in wetlands

Meredith Emery

Thomas Shannon
Ph.D. Student
B.S. University of Wisconsin
Project: Benthic microbial metacommunity indicators of groundwater intrusion

Meredith Emery

Samantha Hormiga
M.S. Student
B.S. Florida International University
Project: Evaluating benthic algae dynamics in mangrove marshes

Gustavo Dominguez Saman

Gustavo Dominguez 
Laboratory Technician
B.S. Colombia University

Graduate Student and Post-Doc Alumni

Meredith Emery,M.S., Biological Sciences, 2021
Reconstructing cyclical browning from diatom records in a subtropical lake. Master's thesis, Florida International University.

Kaitlin Stansbury,M.S., Biological Sciences, 2021
Drivers of extracellular polysaccharide production by a mat-forming diatom. Master's thesis, Florida International University.

David Berthold, Ph.D., Biological Sciences, 2021
Dissertation: Growth of diatom Fistulifera alcalina in bacterial co-culture and comparative mitogenomics of Fistulifera species.
Current Position: Biologist III, University of Florida, Ft Lauderdale IFAS/REC

Kristy Sullivan, M.S., Biological Sciences, 2020
Thesis: Long-term drivers of phytoplankton assembly in a subtropical, monomictic lake
Current Position: Contractor, United States Geological Survey, Orlando, Florida

Eric Massa, M.S., Biological Sciences, 2019
Thesis: Effects of Phosphorus on Benthic Diatom Assemblage Network Structure
Current Position: Ph.D. Student at Queen's University (Arnott Aquatic Ecology Lab)

Luca Marazzi, Ph.D. Post-doc 2014-2018
Ph.D. University College London (2014)
Website  Google Scholar
Current Position: Research Manager at Earthwatch Europe

Viviana Mazzei, Ph.D., Biological Sciences, 2018; Post-doc 2018-2019
Dissertation: Diatoms as Tools for Inferring Changing Environmental Gradients in Coastal, Freshwater Wetlands Threatened by Saltwater Intrusion
Current Position: Mendenhall Fellow, United States Geological Survey (Orlando, FL)

Nick Schulte, M.S., Biological Sciences, 2016
Thesis: Controls on Benthic Microbial Community Structure and Assembly in a Karstic Coastal Wetland
Current Position: Ph.D. Student at University of Colorado Boulder (McKnight Lab)

Emily Nodine, Ph.D., Biological Sciences, 2014
Dissertation: Evidence of Climate Variability and Tropical Cyclone Activity from Diatom Assemblage Dynamics in Coastal Southwest Florida
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Rollins College

Sylvia Lee, Ph.D., Biological Sciences, 2014
Dissertation: Mechanisms of Diatom Assembly in a Hydrologically-Managed Subtropical Wetland
Current Position: Scientist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Ewan Isherwood, M.S., Biological Sciences, 2013 (Co-Advised with Dr. Jim Heffernan)
Thesis: The Effect of Contemporary Hydrologic Modification on Vegetation Community Composition Distinctness in the Florida Everglades
Current Position: Botanist, Colorado State University

Pamela Sullivan, Post-doc 2012-2013
Ph.D. Florida International University (2011)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Oregon State University

Amartya Saha, Post-doc 2010-2011
Google Scholar
Current Position: Ecohydrologist, Archbold Biological Station

Gregory Koch, Ph.D., Biological Sciences, 2011 (Co-Advised with Dr. Dan Childers)
Dissertation: Dynamics of Ecosystem Metabolism and Flocculent Detritus Transport in Estuarine Taylor River
Current Position: Manager, Performance Analytics, Carnival Cruise Line

Jay Munyon, M.S., Biological Sciences, 2009
Thesis: The Effect of Hydrology and Phosphorus on Everglades Productivity
Current Position: Biological Scientist, U.S. Forest Service

Andy Bramburger, Post-doc 2009-2011
Google Scholar
Present: Research Scientist, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Anna Wachnicka, Ph.D., Earth Sciences, 2009 (Co-Advised with Dr. Laurel Collins); Post-doc 2009-2012
Dissertation: Quantitative Diatom-Based Reconstruction of Paleoenvironmental Conditions in Florida Bay and Biscayne Bay, U.S.A.
Current Position: Lead Scientist, South Florida Water Management District

Pamela Bachman, Ph.D., Biological Sciences, 2009 (Co-Advised with Dr. Gary Rand)
Dissertation: Physiological Performance Measures and Tolerance Limits of Estuarine Indicator Species in South Florida

Elaine Fontes, M.S., Environmental Studies, 2008 (Co-Advised with Dr. Mike Ross)
Thesis: Tracking the Effects of Limnological Changes Using Chironomids and Chaoborus From Lake Annie, Florida

Serge Thomas, Post-doc 2001-2004
Ph.D. University Pierre et Marie Curie (2000)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University