Evelyn Gaiser

Evelyn Gaiser, Ph.D.
Professor of Biological Sciences
Executive Director, School of Environment, Arts & Society
Southeast Environmental Research Center, OE 148
11200 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33199  CV
Tel. 305-302-2716
Office: ECS 253
Office Tel. 305-348-6145
Lab: ECS 186B
Lab Tel. 305-348-7286


Luca Marazzi, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Associate  CV
Office: ECS 262
Tel. 305-348-1592


Franco Tobias
Lab Manager


Rafael Travieso
FCE LTER Field Manager


Viviana Mazzei
Ph.D. Student

Kristin Briggs

Ph.D. student

Eric Massa

MSc student

Meredith Emery

Meredith Emery

MSc student

Kristy Sullivan

Kristy Sullivan

MSc student

Past Students

Nick Schulte, M.S., Biological Sciences, 2016
Thesis: Controls on Benthic Microbial Community Structure and Assembly in a Karstic Coastal Wetland
Present: Ph.D. Student at University of Colorado Boulder (Advisor: Diane McKnight)

Sylvia Lee, Ph.D., Biological Sciences, 2014
Dissertation: Mechanisms of Diatom Assembly in a Hydrologically-Managed Subtropical Wetland

Gregory Koch, Ph.D., Biological Sciences, 2011
Dissertation: Dynamics of Ecosystem Metabolism and Flocculent Detritus Transport in Estuarine Taylor River

Jay Munyon, M.S., Biological Sciences, 2009
Thesis: The effect of hydrology and phosphorus on Everglades productivity

Elaine Fontes, M.S., Environmental Studies, 2008
Thesis: Tracking the Effects of Limnological Changes Using Chironomids and Chaoborus From Lake Annie, Florida